New: HTML5 and Javascript development for Windows Phone

With its increased mobile support, HTML5 development gives developers access to a variety of advanced web application features that are common across many different mobile platforms and operating systems; including Windows Phone.

Windows Phone and IE Mobile support all the stable HTML5 specs from W3C Standards which allows developers to build modern mobile web sites and HTML5-based applications using third-party frameworks such as Apache Cordova and jQuery Mobile and delivering an advanced and integrated experience to the final users.

In  this article you will find pointers to resources for developing HTML5 and JavaScript websites or hybrid applications for Windows Phone 7.5.


New: Nokia Developers, learn Windows Phone even faster

WPCover WP7Qt If you are a Symbian Qt developer and  you are interested in building your applications for Windows Phone 7, this guide is for you.
The guide covers what you need to know to add Windows Phone 7 development to your skill set, while leveraging what you have already learned building Qt applications:

Browse or download the " Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers" guide.

Read the announcement on the Windows Phone Developer blog

Developer Stories: Experience porting apps to Windows Phone

Whurley, Chief Technology Officer from Chaotic Moon, shares their experience from developing on other phone platforms and talk through their Windows Phone 7 story.
Watch the video:

(a short version of the video is available here)

We've met with Matthias Shapiro, Lead Developer of Shop Savvy, to discuss about building and porting applications to Windows Phone 7.
Watch the video:

 (a short version of the video is available here)

The Groundspeak team talks about the Geocaching story, multi-platform development and gives a demo of the Geocaching applications on Windows Phone 7.
Watch the video.




Windows Phone API Mapping: now includes Symbian Qt

The API mapping tool now includes Nokia Symbian Qt, in addition to Android (added in June 2011) and iOS (released in April 2011). The API Mapping tool helps developers find their way around the API when they discover the Windows Phone platform.

Go to the API Mapping tool:

Check the API Mapping "Introduction/How to"

Beta release of the Windows Phone Toolkit for AWS

Built as an open source project, the Windows Phone toolkit for AWS gives you a speed dial that lets you quickly connect and integrate Windows Phone applications with Amazon Web Services (S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services).

To create cloud-connected mobile applications, you want to have choice and be able to reuse your assets and skills. If you are familiar with AWS, whether you've been developing for Android, iOS or any other technology, this toolkit will allow you to comfortably port your applications to the Windows Phone Platform.

You can download the toolkit from GitHub, along with the complete source code that have been published under the Apache license. As part of the toolkit, you will find code samples that demonstrate the usage of the API to use the S3, Simple DB and SQS services.

Check the Getting Started Guide with step-by-step instructions and demo webcasts.